4 Places to Shop in Taiping

With its ranking as the third most sustainable city in the world due to its urban sustainability, it is no wonder that Taiping is one of the many tourist attractions in Malaysia. Weekly lively events and funfair can be found in many places including the list of shopping centres we have here.

Taiping Sentral Mall

Taiping Sentral Mall is the main shopping centre around Taiping, strategically located in the heart of a brand new vigorous growth centre. The Taiping Sentral Mall provides a broad range of foods, beauty, fashion, health, and entertainment for locals and travellers.

Taiping Mall

With its strategic location and consistent buzzing of people, Taiping Mall is set to be the new flourishing centre of attention to the locals in Taiping and travellers all around the world. Taiping Mall offers new and fresh lifestyle and provides all the necessary goods for all, including services such as money changer, prayer rooms, and public transportation.

AEON Taiping

With AEON’s ‘Putting Customer First’ principle to meet your needs and products combined with distinctive customer service, AEON is surely to provide daily essentials for shoppers. The shopping centre offers a wide variety of foods and goods, including cinema complex for entertainment. AEON Taiping mall can be seen in its bright pink colour which you can hardly miss.

Giant Hypermarket Taiping

Just like its name ‘Giant’, it provides a wide variety of goods at low and cheap prices every day. With its bright colours of yellow and green, it is hard to miss the big sign of the hypermarket ‘Giant’ and on the inside, it gives off a bright and good ambience that shoppers most likely tend to enjoy. Even with the current cheap prices, Giant offers deals and held campaigns to lower the prices of the daily essentials.