Night Out

A trip would not be complete if you did not have a chill drink with your friends. Even though Taiping is a quiet town with an abundance of nature and history, they have a number of locations that will guarantee you a great night. Here are some places where you can experience the best nightlife spots in Taiping.

Oosten Bar N Bistro

'Oosten' originated from the Dutch word meaning 'East'. In Oosten, they have in many ways taken the Eastern notion to a real definition of Food & Beverages. They have specially decorated this Bistro with Buddha Sculptures and unique wooden furniture to bring out the Zen-flavour of Eastern civilisation. They serve drinks like House Pour Spirits, Wines and Draught Beers. You should not miss out on their signature cocktails "The East Bellini", "Timur", "Boctok" for cocktail lovers. They even serve classic cocktails if you don't want to try anything different.

Location: 47-G Centre Point, Jalan Istana Larut, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Opening Hours: 4.00 pm - 2.00 am
Phone:+6012-256 3884

Sky Bar

Sky Bar is the perfect place to have a pre-dinner appetiser or after-dinner drink. It's one of Taiping's best nightlife spots. You can also enjoy the pool nearby or even the night view of Taiping from the top of the hotel.

Location: Flemington Hotel, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Phone:+605-820 7777

Mansion 5

This is one of Taiping's most eye-catching places to spend the night in Taiping. Mansion 5 is a three-in-one hang out place that incorporates Western restaurants, bars and live music. Every night after nine o'clock there'll be Live Music. Friends who want to listen to music will be here. It servers as the perfect place to have a few drinks and play Dart Game.

Location: 5, Jalan Wayang Gambar, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Opening Hours: 4.00 pm - 1.00 am (Tue - Thur), 4.00 pm - 2.00 am (Fri & Sat), 4.00pm - 12.00 am (Sun)
Phone:+605-806 3483

Warisan Square

Warisan Square is the home of all government buildings in Taiping, making the surrounding feel professional and serious. As night falls, the area lightens up with activities. People hang around the area anytime to have a chill time with their friends or family. On weekends, the cross bazaar night market takes over Warisan Square making it even more lively. Throughout the years, it is the main aread for yearly public events and performances to take place. Be sure to check out what is going on when you're in Taiping through the online platform.

Location: 1897, Jalan Taming Sari, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Phone:+6017-506 5696

One 11 Bar & Lounge

One 11 Bar & Lounge provides guests the opportunity to relax and unwind, offering a variety of alcoholic drinks and a range of entertainment events. They sell alcohol such as beer, whiskey, champagne, vodka, and more. The atmosphere allows for a relaxed ambiance, as the lounge area is made up of large leather sofas, high tables and chairs with moderate modern neon lights in a very dark environment for guests to enjoy.

Location: Jalan Istana Larut, Lot 19 Susur Istana Larut Business Park, 34000, Taiping, Perak
Opening Hours: 4.00 pm - 2.00 am (daily)
Phone:+605-807 5528