Top 9 Instagrammable Café’s in Taiping

Who doesn't love the aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed? Instagram worthy cafés are now the “IT” thing, and as a millennial, don't we all love to travel and discover new places to channel our inner wanderlust through the perfect Instagram shot? Here are the top 9 Instagram-worthy Cafés in Taiping to add colour to your Instagram account!

Yinn's Patisserie

Yinn's Patisserie is a kind of environmental cafeteria that is famously practised on the current trend in our nation that serves pastries, desserts and drinks all in a fine eating house through carriers on respective recipes that were easily found throughout the nation in this century." The best-recommended Pastry Cafeteria "Yinn's Patisserie" is right in the middle of the city of Taiping, offering locals and tourists under a roof in the Taiping Heritage Trail all their handmade pastry range and other signature menus.

Double Tap Cafe

Doubletap Café Taiping is a Taipingite-based coffee company, incorporating the twist of coffee food and drink into the local culture, a hang-around spot, a cafe, and a restaurant, all under one roof. Around 2,500 square feet of cafe space is large enough to host activities and special occasions, such as birthday parties, conferences, or even 100 pax kindergarten parties.

Triple Shot Bed & Coffee

For friends and families, Triple Shot Bed & Coffee is an ideal place to hang out, gather, and have a good time. It serves a full breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as freshly brewed coffee. It is certainly a nice place to dine and relax in with its classy interior.

Mansion 5

Mansion 5 truly lives by its name, be it a group or a small get together. Ambience, place, food, quality & service could be translated to 5. A full package of 5 stars from a heritage area. Brilliant young, energetic chefs and cooks with fresh ideas by taking the best local or western dishes in Taiping from the kitchen.

Monday Brew Cafe

This cool cafe in Taiping serves up an array of brunch menu. This quaint cafe makes it right, from smoothie bowls to pancakes, bread and pasta. Drop by Monday Brew Cafe, they’re no doubt one of the most Instagrammable Cafes in Taiping, just take a look at their food plating.