Bukit Larut was formerly known as Maxwell Hill. First discovered in 1879 and developed in 1884 by Willam Edward Maxwell who was the Assistant British Resident in Perak at that high altitude as base for Britsh Officials and Europe’s farmers. Maxwell Hill is the oldest resort in Malaysia with a total area of approximately 6,878.30 hectares. 

Bukit Larut forms an imposing backdrop of Taiping with its lush greenery. In the early 1884, the British established a hill retreat encased within tropical rainforest with bungalows for their officers at the peak of the hill. Most of these bungalows are still preserved until today. Rising 1,035m above sea level, Bukit Larut is the oldest and smallest hill resort in Malaysia. In those days, ladies were normally carried up to the peak in sedan-chairs since it was not accessible to vehicles. The British introduced tea planting at 650 m above sea level but it was later abandoned. Today, Bukit Larut still remains as a hill resort.

Land Rover transportation services are available for those who wish to reach the peak of Bukit Larut. This service is provided by the State Government of Perak and the journey going up to the station at the peak takes about 30 minutes. There are a total of 108 bends (72 sharp bends) for every minute of the trip. Its daylight temperature is around 15 degrees Celcius. Bukit Larut is very suitable for those who wish for a short and peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle in the city. You can also enjoy beautiful sceneries of the Taiping town as well as the Straits of Malacca.

   Taiping Lake Gardens was developed in 1884. It was opened and inaugurated on 17 November 1893 by S.C.G.M Frank Swettenham, the British Resident in Perak. The Taiping Lake Gardens formerly was a tin mines led by "Capitan China" Chung Ken Kwee who was leader of the group Hai San. Lows Least Mining, 1877- The mining area leased for 21 years with the condition to pay royalty of $ 2.00 Renew. Lessee shall return the mining area to the State Government (the British Government) if this was not worked for 21 months in a row.

Fun Facts about Bukit Larut:

1. Bukit Larut is the wettest area in Malaysia. It rains almost every evening here.

2. Before the paved road was built in 1948, the British go up the hill by pony-back as well as sedan chair as means of transportation..

3. Visitors, especially the ones from Europe, commented that Bukit Larut is just like ‘Switzerland in spring’.

4. During Ramadhan, the area of Bukit Larut is categorized under Zone 3 for breaking fast in the state of Perak.

  After 21 years, the mining area is left idle. In 1884 the gardens were planted with grasses, flowers and trees; a part of the gardens was fenced, to keep bulls out.  

Swettenham's wife, Constance Sydney Holmes, got the help of a mining inspector, William Scott, to turn the area into a scenic place and subsequently a park.

However the development of the first public parks in Malaya was developed in stages with a combination of ideas and energy by Sir Hugh Low, Frank Swettenham, Col. Walker, E.W Birch, Sydney Constance Holmes, A.R Venning, W.R Scott, R. Derry and many others.

Development concept of Taiping Lake Gardens:

The concept of the Lake Park and surrounding areas take them to look back at the wonderful memories of the Lake District in England which is compelling and was the center of focus for British poets and writers who find inspiration from the landscape and natural design of the beauty of Scottish Highlands. Here Constance Sydney Holmes tried to translate the beauty of Loch Katrine, which being immortalized by Walter Scott in his poem "Lady of the Lake" (1847).

Jungle Trekking in Bukit Larut          
A lot of people have started to love jungle trekking activity as it is both healthy and rewarding. So, why not get a change of environment and hike up Bukit Larut? A unique and serene hill, Bukit Larut has the kind of green you won’t find anywhere. There are plenty of jungle trails and one of the most popular ones is the Gunung Hijau trail. Along the way, you will encounter a lot of pretty sights of the Taiping town as well as various kinds of birds and flora such as wild orchids. It is one of the most popular destinations in Taiping.    

Components in Lake:


The beauty of Taiping Lake Garden was an inspiration to poets, writers, singers, and artists. The park’s proximity to the foot of Bukit Larut makes it look more majestic. The components of the park which inspired by Sir Hugh Low, Frank Swettenham, Col. Walker, E.W Birch, Sydney Constance Holmes, A.R Venning, W.R Scott, R.Derry and many others are:   

  • The Green Belt 
• Silver Jubilee Memorial Jetty
• Taiping Jubilee Memorial Pavilion
• Fountain
• Red Bridges and other bridges 
• Bougainvillea Point
• Sevens Sister
• Bamboo Point
• Lotus Point
• Turtle Bay
• Jungle Lake
• South Lake
• West Lake
• Alamanda Pond
• Oblong Pond
• Centre Point Jungle
• Turtle Point
• TheRain trees









 ATV Adventure Park, Larut       Location :
     The awe-inspiring of Taiping Lake Gardens is the location in the beautiful natural landscape, pools of water supplied from Bukit Larut and Rain trees. There are eight (8) lakes in the area of Taiping Lake Gardens;

* Hentian Sorakan Monyet
* Kolam Teratai
* Lapan Kelok Purnama Bulan
* Pulau Luahan Cinta
* Rumpun Buluh Berbisik
* Hentian Pengail
* Dahan Sentuhan Alunan Tasik
* Laluan Berbasikal

The original size of the park was 61.93ha but after additional acquisition by the Perak Government, is now located on a 96.44ha site. It is fully administered by the Taiping Municipal Council, which also runs the Taiping Zoo located within the park.

  Immerse yourself in a truly breathtaking experience in an awe-inspiring tropical forest landscapes by experiencing the exciting ATV ride! Located in the timeless Taiping Lake Garden near the foothill of Titiwangsa mountain range, it is a stunning location with beautiful flora and fauna, colourful culture with welcoming, friendly people. Hungry for an exciting adventure surrounded by breathtaking nature? Come down to ATV Adventure Park, Larut for an experience you will never forget.


Jalan Bukit Larut, 34000 Taiping, Perak.
Phone No.: +6012-210 4761/012-5012070

Website: www.facebook.com/ATV-Adventure-Park-Larut
Operating Hour: Daily (except for Tuesdays), 9am – 6pm
GPS Coordinates: 4.8593936, 100.7580701



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