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   F.M.S Station is a good food court and recreational based place.it is located in front of Taiping Lake Garden since 2013.

It sells foods that are well known in Taiping. F.M.S Station focuses on train carriage and stops as its theme, as it is dedicated to the first train services in Tanah Melayu. in the olden days a part of F.M.S Station used to be The Kings Resting House.

It is believed that the place was once The Kings Resting House where it is also known as (Istana Gantung). Considering during the olden days, the journey from the king's palace in Kuala Kangsar to Taiping takes a long time. so the king or the sultan of Perak will take rest or spend the night at the king resting house which is located at F.M.S Station before he resumes his journey back to his palace.

Beside that, the F.M.S Station is made as an official entrance to the Taiping Lake Garden especially during an event in Taiping Lake Garden.

F.M.S Station has a few facilities such as children's playground, police station and a breath taking view. Once upon a time the fully oeprational train connected the two towns, Taiping and Port Weld town. The train service was known as the Taiping-Port-Weld.

Some List of Restaurant:             
Restoran Asam Pedas   Restoran SBK    Laksa Buyung Bukit Gantang   D’Garden Coffee & Yogurt
Alamat : No 10,   Alamat : Wisma Corner Steamboat and Steak   Alamat :Laksa Buyung Pecah Batu,
  Alamat: Station FMS,
Persiaran Kamunting,   Berhadapan Wisma Persekutuan Taiping   34850, Changkat Jering   Laman Taman Tasik,
Jalan Kamunting 34600,       Taiping, Perak.   34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia
Kamunting Perak   Waktu Operasi : 3.00 pm- 1.00 am   Waktu Operasi : Isnin-Khamis (11.00
a.m.- 6.30 p.m.)
  Waktu Operasi: Ahad-Khamis (11.30
a.m. - 7.30 p.m.)
Waktu Operasi : 8.00 am- 4.00 pm       Sabtu-Ahad (11.00am-6.30 pm)
Jumaat (Cuti)
  Jumaat-Sabtu (11.30 a.m.-10.30
Contacts : 019-5695861       No Phone : 010-5222534 @ 019-
  GPS Koordinat: 4.51’11” 100.44’46”
Contacts: 0134373230 @ 0125910191
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