Top 10 Places To Eat In Taiping

When you’re in the Northern region of Malaysia you should never miss out on the food. Okay, that’s what we say when it comes to Malaysian food in general, but wait till you sample some of Taiping’s food and then you be the judge for yourself.

Peace Hotel and Coffee Shop

The Peace Hotel and coffeeshop stays a shabby foundation with a dodgy guesthouse on the first floor. Yet the food court is perhaps one of Taiping's generally focal, most seasoned, and set up. A visit is anyway an unquestionable requirement just to investigate the structure's uncommon unique tile work and outside sections outfitted with peculiar and glorious, brilliant lion heads. The Peace Hotel likewise has a portion of Taiping's most celebrated food: The Char Koay Teow and lobak.

Larut Matang Hawker Centre

Saying that most life around spins around this food court isn't putting it mildly, as a portion of Taiping's most well-known food is totally found here. There is a serious wide assortment of nourishments at a bargain here. The Fish Ball Char Kuew Teow from Stall 78, conceivably one of Taiping's most well-known nourishments, is found at Larut Matang. It's a major segment of impeccably charred flat noodles decorated with fish balls the size of eyeballs.

Restoran Kakak

A mainstream and long-standing Taiping eatery along Market Street (Jalan Pasar) celebrated for its chicken kuew teow soup (Kai Si Hor Fan), probably the best breakfast in Taiping. The name of this coffee shop in Taiping is really "Jia jia" (signifying 'Each Family'), however, it's deciphered as Kakak ('sister' in Malay) despite the fact that this is a Chinese family-run shop.

Taiping PSL Goreng Pisang

Right in the centre of the city, this old-world shop has been cooking a wide variety of fritters for a long time and is undoubtedly one of Taiping's most famous dishes In case you get a cuppa somewhere and buy some fritters here, you can make yourself truly delicious and inexpensive DIY morning breakfast in Taiping.

Bismillah Restoran

On the off chance that there's one spot to go for Nasi Kandar in Taiping that is Bismillah — not to be puzzled with the cendol shop of a similar name. Opened in 1900, this café has been concocting some incredible rice with curries for well longer than a century. They are eminent for getting their exceptional flavours by peppering their curries and food with kaskas seeds (‘poppy seeds’), yet no concerns — you will simply get dependent on their crunchy singed chicken bosom, and delicious, smooth as silk rice and curry blends.