Malaysia’s 1st Free Travel Guide Book

Taiping The Guide is a free travel guidebook encompassing the town of Taiping. First published in 2017, we help travellers to navigate and make plans around Taiping city with ease. The guidebook includes travel tips, places to explore, kid-friendly locations, hotels, transportation services, places to eat, sight-seeing, shopping places, nightlife and other things to do. If you're travelling with your family, alone or on a business trip to Taiping, Malaysia should not be missed.

Taiping still upholds its sleepy town charm with its quaint colonial buildings still intact. When you step into this town, it’ll bring you back to the pre-independence times. This state is studded with lush greenery and is home to the famous hiking spot Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill).

The guidebook is not only catered for travellers from abroad but also for locals. It is common for people to associate the famous Dataran Merdeka, Petaling Street, KLCC, KL Tower, and Batu Caves when you mention the name KL. But, seeing this city is beyond that; it is rich in history, culture, food.

The guide isn’t only confined to the town of Taiping, we also include other places within the state of Perak. In every issue, we also include a section that’s beyond the capital city to highlight things that can be done during your holiday in the other states of Malaysia. Get directions to the places of your choice right here or download our free app OR download an e-copy of the guide from the QR code below to make your travel plans as easy as 1, 2, 3...